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What's Your D Day?

Everyone with Diabetes has a "D" Day, better known as Diabetes Diagnosis Day!  It's a day that you will never forget, a day that changed your life for ever.  Mine was October 3, 2007!  Instead of feeling bad for myself on my "D" Day, I usually celebrate in some way.  I'm celebrating that I've lived another year with diabetes, positively!  In the past, I've celebrated my "D" Day by attending a diabetes walk, or going some place special with my family or friends.  I've also heard of some kids with D having a party but instead of them getting a gift, they give a gift to their siblings or parents for all that they've gone through since D came into their life because, as we all know, D doesn't just effect the person living with diabetes, it effects the whole family!  Some day, I would love to celebrate CURE Day, but for now, let's celebrate YOUR "D" Day!

Throughout 2012, I'll be giving away "D" Day Celebrations to kids all over the world who live their life in a positive way with diabetes.  If you would like to enter this very cool contest, please have your parents help you fill in the entry form below!  Kids who win their "D" Day Celebration will be featured here on my site!

First D-Day Celebration!

When I decided I was going to start giving away "D" Day Celebrations in 2012, I had no idea what kind of ideas and requests people were going to send in but, I have to say, I have been super-excited about the emails I've been reading! 

I recieved one request from a good friend of mine, Meg, who also happens to be one of my ambassadors for Arkansas.  Meg recently saw a movie, A Dolphin Tale, and after watching it over and over again, she decided for her "D" Day, she would really love to be able to interact with a dolphin! When I found out she was going to be headed to Mississippi for spring break this year, I called up some friends at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport and asked them if they could help me give Meg one very special "D" Day celebration!  I was so excited when they got back to me and told me they would love to help!

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies is a non-profit organization that helps to care for and rehabilitate sick and injured marine mammals in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  "IMMS" has two very special friends at their facility, Bo and Buster, two bottlenose dolphins that help to educate people about marine issues on the Gulf Coast.

Meg arrived at IMMS for her special "D" Day and was given a tour of the entire facility, she even got to meet some "crabby" little fellas while she was there! After her tour, she was able to meet Buster, her new dolphin friend, and was able to learn a little about bottlenose dolphins while interacting with him! 

I was so happy to give Meg a very cool "D" Day experience and I can't wait to give out more special "D" Day celebrations in the coming months!

Check out the pics below to see more about Meg's special day!  If you'd like to learn more about IMMS, please click the link below!


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