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My OmniPod

Insulet Corporation makes the OmniPod insulin pump, the official insulin pump of The Diabetes Dude!

OmniPod has no tubing, it's waterproof, and it's so easy to use, even a kid can use it!  Noah started on this pump almost a year ago.  When he was first diagnosed with type 1, he didn't want to go on a pump because he heard about all the tubing that a traditional pump has and how clunky and noticable it would be to wear one.  Noah attended a diabetes expo in Boston last year and came across the OmniPod and said "if I'm going to go on a pump, that's the only one I want".  A few short months later, he started on it, just days before his 8th birthday.  He was so excited to be able to have the OmniPod because it meant that he could spend more time at his birthday party and less time getting shots because it was so easy to use, it takes no more time than checking his blood sugar.  He's been able to wear the OmniPod swimming all summer long and not having to worry about getting it wet.  He's been able to play his sports like soccer and baseball without having to worry about getting caught up in tubing, in fact, many people don't realize that he has a pump because it's so small that you really can't see it through his clothes. 

The OmniPod has completely changed Noah's life.  It's been the most sense of normalcy he's had since he was diagnosed because it allows him to spend more time to be a kid and spend less time getting shots or doing the math to figure out how much insulin he needs.  As parents, it's made our life much easier.  We no longer have to "schedule" his meals and snacks.  He can eat when he wants, he can attend parties or sleepovers because we don't have to worry about whether or not someone is going to be there that knows how to administer shots, and he has the freedom to do so much more in life! 

The OmniPd has given us, his parents, more freedom too!  In fact, since Noah was diagnosed with type 1, we hadn't been out on a "date night" together until after he was put on the OmniPod because it was so hard to find someone to babysit that knew enough about diabetes and how to administer shots.  We always felt guilty having to hand over so much responsibility to someone for even a few hours.  Not only has the OmniPod given Noah his freedom back, but it's also given us our freedom back!

For more information on the OmniPod insulin pump, please visit their site at

The Diabetes Dude Flocks Insulet!

Noah, family, and friends flocked Insulet Corporation, the makers of the OmniPod insulin pump on April 21, 2010.  As you may know, Noah's flamingo flock campaign started off as a fundraiser to help raise funds for the American Diabetes Association, however, he's turned it into a full fledged diabetes awareness campaign that he hopes to take national! 

Upon arriving at Insulet, Noah was greeted by many employees of Insulet who all made him feel so welcome, much like extended family.  Noah was greatful for the time that they took out of their busy day to have a little fun with him and the rest of the group.  He even got to meet with Mr. DeSisto, the CEO.  Noah was thrilled!  Please check out the pictures and video from the day!