Supporting Families
Living with Diabetes
through the use of Community Advocacy, Social Media, & BLUE Flamingos!

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Madison's Story...

Hi I am Madison I am 5 years old and am in kindergarten full day. I love school, playing with friends and dancing. My favorite singer is Justin Beiber I love love him!!!. I dance three time a week ballet, tap and hip-hop. I live in B.C which is on the west coast of Canada.


I was a typical 3 year old on Nov 16/2008 however it would turn out to be no typical day as it changed my life forever. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I had not been well for a long time and my Mom kept taking me to different doctors but none of them figured out what was wrong with me until I got real sick. My parents took me to me to our local hospital and a nice doctor named Dr.Reznick immediately did some blood tests cause he could see that I was very ill. Within 15 mins the doctor told my mom and dad that I had diabetes I heard it but did not understand what this meant. We were then sent by helicopter to the nearest Childrens Hospital a short 20 min ride but that is were they knew how to help me best. There they started to give me insulin and I was released from hospital by morning but we had to stay as my Mom and Dad had to learn how to take care of me. This was a long three days as our new team of Doctors Nurses Dietician and Social Worker tried to explain to me how my new life was going to be. I was not very willing to participate I just wanted to go back home and do what I did before without the needles and blood checks and being told what to eat and when to do it. Soon I understood that all the hurt from needles and finger pokes were to keep me alive and I came to accept them. Slowly we all got use to our new life and it now seems normal.


I am still taking needles 4 times a day but am hoping to get on an insulin pump soon. I want a pink one. I can check my own blood and now know what to do if my blood sugar goes low and I feel shaky. I am learning more and more everyday how to take care of myself. I have some nice friends named Donna and Elaine who help me take care of myself while I am at school. I go back to visit my Doctor and the great staff at B.C Childrens Hospital about every 4 months. They take good care of me and I see my own doctor locally Dr.Spithoff. He is very nice and knows lots about how to help me too!!!


I do not let diabetes slow me down I am still me and still can do anything I set my mind to I just have to plan for special treats and check my blood before I exercise. I love to meet other kids with type 1 so if you want to email me and I will write you back!!


I am looking forward to spreading awareness of diabetes as an Ambassodor for my friend Noah, The Diabetes Dude.

2012 Ambassador