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Living with Diabetes
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2012 Ambassador

Lily’s Story…

It was a Wednesday night after school, Lily had a girl scout meeting, in 1 hour she drank 4 cups of milk while others only had 1 cup. It was that night that I really began to think something was not right. For about 2 weeks prior she had been getting up 2-4 times a night to use the bathroom and then drink water before returning to bed.  I kept asking her are you feeling okay?  And every time she would reply that she was fine.  So I would move on to thinking of something else for a while and then go back to thinking what is going on with my baby girl?  She seemed more tired lately, wanting to go to bed right at bedtime or even earlier, she was groggy and it was very difficult to get her moving in the morning. I just kept thinking she must be going through a growth spurt, she is eating like crazy and sleeping a lot, that must be what is wrong. I woke up on Thursday December 18th 2008 and didn’t realize our lives as we knew them were about to change forever.  I didn’t take Lily to school that morning even though she wanted to go and my husband was telling me to take her to school and to make a doctors appointment after school.  I just felt so sick to my stomach, I knew something was not right and I had to find out what.  When we got to the pediatricians office they had me take Lily in to the restroom to get a urine sample.  I guess that result was not good by the look on the nurse’s face. Then the nurse came into the room with some kind of meter and pricked Lily’s tiny finger to squeeze out some blood. I had no idea what was going on, my husband and I have no family history of any type of Diabetes.  The number on the meter said 571, I still didn’t know what that meant.  The next few minutes are kind of blurry the doctor came in and proceeded to tell me that my then 7 year old daughter had Type 1 Diabetes, and I needed to take her straight to Dayton Childrens Hospital E.R.. The doctor was calling ahead and they would be waiting on us to arrive.  My husband was at work and I was alone with Lily and my son who was then 2 years old.  I somehow found my way to the hospital, remained calm and pretended to be strong so my baby girl would not cry or be scared.  My husband made it to the hospital and that made Lily very happy, daddy is the real fun, silly and, goofy one!  Lily was only in the hospital for about 36 hours, we went home on Friday night December 19th.  I had caught it fairly early on; Lily didn’t want to be in the hospital, she was so bored.  Now that she was started on insulin she was feeling really good!  My husband and I went through all the Diabetes education training and training with the nutritionist.  Then we were given tests to make sure we could care for our daughter when we got home, I’m not sure how but we both passed with flying colors and we were sent home.  Today, Lily is doing amazing, it has been 2 years since her diagnosis, and she is so awesome!  This little girl does not let Diabetes stop her or slow her down for one little second.  She has so much spunk, she is a straight A student in the 4th grade, she is still in girl scouts, she is doing competitive cheerleading which she absolutely loves, she really enjoys being in front of a crowd, she loves the eyes on her!  Lily loves spending time with her family and friends and she loves playing with her little brother, she is his 2nd mommy, she is like a little mother hen always wanting to take care of everyone.  It has now been 7 months since she started on the OmniPod insulin pump, that has changed our lives, we love pumping! And we love the OmniPod, she wouldn’t want any other pump.  We would love to see a ton of recognition for, I would like for him to be able to go on a T.V. show and talk about Type 1 Diabetes, we need to tell everyone what people with Type 1 deal with every day, people need to know what this disease is, and they need to know that we need a cure!