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Living with Diabetes
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Kenden's Story...

Kenden was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on October 29th 2009 at the age of eight. Kenden had not been feeling well. We thought that he just had a minor cold, but he seemed to be getting worse.  He was throwing up and saying that he was very tired.  We took him into the doctor and the nurse herself was a type 1 diabetic.  I told the nurse that Kenden had all the symptoms of a diabetic.  The first thing that she wanted to do was check his urine, and it came back with ketones. She sent us over to the hospital to get a blood glucose on Kenden and it came back at 922.  She then told us that Kenden has diabetes.  I think my heart sank . She told us to go home and pack everything that we needed because we had to go right to Primary Childrens Hospital and stay there for three days to get training on how to take care of Kenden. It has been a year since Kenden was diagnosed and he is doing very well. 

Kenden will be getting the Omnipod in January and he is way excited, Kenden loves to do anything outdoors, and he loves to build with his legos.  Kenden has also started playing guitar and has done amazing.  We love him very much.

2012 Ambassador

Check out Kenden's Video for a cure!