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2012 Ambassador

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Justice's Story...

Justice is 8 years old and extremely smart. He is an avid reader, math and spelling whiz and amazing artist. He loves to play the WII, draw, swim and cook with mom. Justice a normal 8 year old boy.

With one very special exception...

I will never forget our first family vacation. We were going to NY for Justice's 6th birthday. He was terribly exhausted on the plane. This made sense as we took a red eye flight and
the kids didnt sleep yet. He then peed himself on the plane, but again he was 6 excited and exhausted.

Fast forward 24 hours. He was tired, thirsty in a way I cant even explain and his stomach started hurting. We checked for fever and nothing. We agreed it was the jet lag. He then began vomiting and refused to get out of bed. We let him sleep it off or so we thought. When we went to wake him for his birthday dinner in the city, he was slurring his words and could not walk. I knew this was not jet lag. I called 911 and we were rushed to the ER. It took the nurse all of 5 seconds before she asked if he was diabetic. My heart stopped. I of course answered no. She explained that she could smell the ketones on his breath. We were rushed to PICU with a glucose and insulin drip. His first BG check was 490 and later labs showed an A1C of 13.5. This means for the last 3 months his average sugar was over 300. I am
so grateful the ER nurse knew what was going on, a few more hours and I hate to think what would have been.

Its the day our lives changed.

Justice is the strongest person I know. He is a real life superhero and will not let Diabetes define him or stop him from achieving his goals.

He/we check his sugar 10 to 15 times a day and he wears an insulin pump named Sonic to keep him alive. But insulin is not a cure. Some days are hard and overwhelming. Everyday is a battle that we must keep fighting no matter how difficult.

Justice is a JDRF youth ambassador and is very active in spreading awareness of Type 1 and supporting others who are suffering as well.

He is excited to now be working with The Diabetes Dude in his campaign!

Check out my JDRF Walk Video!