Supporting Families
Living with Diabetes
through the use of Community Advocacy, Social Media, & BLUE Flamingos!

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2012 Ambassador

Isabella's Story...

I was diagnosed on June 1, 2004. I was only 23 months old, so I don't really remember much about it.  My mom says I was really sick for several months before I was diagnosed.  I just never really felt right.  I was tired a lot and all I wanted to do was sleep. She also says that I drank a lot of water.  I got really sick over Memorial Weekend and on June 1st my doctor sent me to the hospital. Mom says I almost didn't make it and that I was in DKA, which is when you are really sick from high blood sugars and such and your body doesn’t make the insulin you need to bring the blood sugars down.  After 5 days and a lot of learning on how to care for me, I was able to go home.  That was one of the happiest days for me.  My mom and dad took that learning and made it positive.  They have never looked back since that day.  They have told me that even though our lives changed forever that day, diabetes was not going to take over.  We don’t look at it as the end of our old life, we look at it as a fresh beginning with some challenges along the way.

I am now 8 years old.  Since leaving the hospital, I have done shots for the first 3 years and I am now on the Minimed pump. I also use the Dexcom sensor. I'm in 3rd grade and have lots of friends who care about me and help me at school when I'm either high or low.  I play soccer, dance, ride a quad, and like to hang out with friends.  I don't let my diabetes control me and what I want to do.  I make sure I test my blood sugars often, eat and drink as needed while participating in all of my activities.  I also enjoy being able to explain to others about my diabetes so they won't be as scared about it.  Teaching others about what having Type 1 means is important because many people believe that I cannot participate in parties and fun stuff like my friends can.  My mom and I try to educate as much as possible because education is as important for the cure as raising money.  My family and I participate in many events like Walk To Cure Diabetes, Friends For Life conferences, and speaking to schools and youth groups about diabetes.  I am looking forward to being an Ambassador for The Diabetes Dude and helping spread awareness about diabetes.