Supporting Families
Living with Diabetes
through the use of Community Advocacy, Social Media, & BLUE Flamingos!

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2012 Jr. Ambassador
New Jersey

Colin’s Story…


Colin is a 6 year old boy who is full of life and love! He is a joy to be around and puts a smile on everyone's face! 

On August 28th 2006 our world was turned upside down when we began to notice serious changes in our two year old son Colin. Colin’s diaper was SUPER wet each night and he was always drinking a lot, he was irritable and moody so we decided to test his blood sugar using his Dad's glucometer. To our surprise Colin's blood sugar was very high. We took Colin to his doctor and the testing began. A short time later the entire family was in the office of a pediatric endocrinologist and received the bad news that our little Colin was a diabetic. 

Suddenly, our life was filled with insulin injections, concerns about low blood glucose (sugar), and worries about whether or not Colin would every be able to attend school, play sports or spend the night with friends. It's so difficult because almost any illness, even a mild cold, can effect his blood sugar and result in a hospitalization.


Colin is now 6 & in first grade. August 28 marked four years since the day he was diagnosed with Diabetes. Although it is a huge change we are getting through it. Colin wears the Omnipod insulin Pump and also wears a CGM, he just recently changed from the Freestyle Navigator to the Dexcom 7+ & we love it although there were some great features that we really miss from the Navigator.We have days that Colin says he wishes he wasn't diabetic or he cries. As his mother I have those kinds of days too. We just pray everyday that eventually we will have a cure.