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Living with Diabetes
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2012 Ambassador

Clifford's Story...

A week before Clifford was diagnosed he was sick with what his mom thought was the flu. But by the end of the week he was very sleepy, didn't want to move off of the couch, was very week and couldn't seem to drink enough water. He was with his dad, when things took a turn for the worse. His dad noticed he didn't want to eat anything, only wanted to drink water, and was having trouble breathing. Cliffy was then taken to the ER where his blood sugar was over 600. He was severely dehydrated despite all the water he was drinking and had to to get an IV through his shin as no where else would work. Cliffy was then transported to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh admitted with DKA. He was unresponsive thoughout the most part of the day, but finally started to come to the next day after receiving insulin. His official diagnosis day was February 28th, 2010. He had about a week long hospital stay where his family learned to give Clifford his injections, and test his blood sugar, along with counting his carbs. Cliffy is on multiple daily injections (6 a day), and tests his blood sugar around 10-12 times a day including overnight.  We are hoping that 2011 is the year he can start on a pump and a CGM.