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Cara's Story...

On February 13th 2009 we realized that type 1 diabetes was our new reality. After one month and a half of sickness, 4 separate visits to the doctors office, a course of antibiotics and 4 hours in an E.R. waiting room Cara at the age of 3 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

It took about a month and a half to figure out that there was something really wrong with Cara. Maybe it was because she would get sick with the flu (so we thought) and then in four days or so she would begin to get better. Maybe it was because of all the doctors telling us that everything was fine and just let the illness run it's course. Maybe it was because every time that she would get sick a few of our other kids would seem to have the same thing. But about a month and a half of illness we started to see very different symptoms. The weekend before she was diagnosed she formed a yeast infection. I was socked and a little embarrassed, thinking that it was something that I did, not bathing her well or not making sure she wiped herself properly after going to the bathroom. A few days after the yeast infection formed she began peeing A LOT. So I thought a yest infection + constant urination = bladder infection. Then soon after she was extremely thirsty, always asking for anything to drink juice, milk, water and Cara never asked for water. She also had lost a tremendous amount of weight in a very short period of time and that is what scared us the most. We made another doctors appointment for Cara. The doctor ordered blood work and sent us home with a sucker. We had lunch and Cara went down for a nap because she was so tired. When she woke up from her nap she vomited. I thought to myself there is no way that she has the flu for the third time in about two months. This is when I brought her into the E.R. I was actually scared they were going to think I was crazy for bringing my daughter to the emergency room for the flu. As I was getting ready to leave for the E.R., my husband said "it my be diabetes". Four hours later the doctor told me the same thing Cara had type 1 diabetes. Her blood sugar level was 53.2mmols(957.6) when she was admitted to the pediatric floor.

Since then Cara and our whole family have been on a mission to spread awareness, to educate people on the signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes, to change the misconceptions surrounding type 1 diabetes and to show the world that although very serious type 1 diabetes does not slow us down. I think that is what the diabetes dude is all about and we would make a great team!