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Living with Diabetes
through the use of Community Advocacy, Social Media, & BLUE Flamingos!

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2012 Ambassador


Alyse's Story:


I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes on Jan 20th, 2007, I was 2 1/2 years old. On the day that I was diagnosed I was feeling really bad, I couldn't talk, sit up, or act like myself. My mommy came and picked me up from my momo's house and rushed me to the emergency room. When I got into the room where they check you out they poked my finger with a lancet, when the meter came back it said high glucose (which is a blood sugar above 600), at that point they stuck me in the arm with a large needle and took some blood. When the nurse came back in they told me that my blood sugar was 682 and that I was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I then was transferred by ambulance to another hospital that was better equipped for me and placed in the Pediatric ICU for 1 night. From then on I had nurses and doctors hovering around me sticking and prodding me for 4 days trying to get my blood sugars regulated and for me to feel better. I was scared. Now since my diagnosis I have endured a dr's visit every 3 months which includes blood being drawn and the normal dr's visit routine, over 2,190 finger pricks a year while checking my blood glucose levels, and approx 122 site changes a year. Since my diagnosis I have made many strides with my diagnosis, I can test my own blood sugar, count carbohydrates, operate my insulin pump and ask many questions regarding my diabetes.

On June 29, 2011, Alyse was asked to throw out the first pitch at the Kansas City T-Bones baseball game on behalf of The Diabetes Dude.  She did an AWESOME job!  Here are some pics from that event!