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Living with Diabetes
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2012 Ambassador

Abbey's Story...

When I look back on the things that lead up to Abbey's illness, I realized that she was unwell for quite a long period of time. She was diagnosed with 'exercise induced asthma", she didn't have any wheezing but she just couldn't breathe properly.


Then she came down with a virus which was treated with antibiotics...she was well for a couple of weeks, then the virus came back, this persisted for over 3 months and took about 4 different lots of antibiotics. All the while she was not the same active little girl she used to be.  Abbey started sleeping a lot more and was always tired. I felt there was something really wrong. Abbey was always thirsty and would drink lots of water and go to the toilet all the time.

In the afternoon I took her back to the doctors and he was about  to give her more antibiotics.  As we were about to leave, Abbey casually tells him she was drinking a lot, so he sent us to the toilet for a urine sample.

When he returned he said to me "we have a big problem" I think it is diabetes.  "You need to take her straight to Princess Margaret Hospital; I will call and let them know you are coming.

I did not know anything about diabetes but I knew it didn't sound good.
That evening the 16/09/2009... Abbey was diagnosed - Type 1 Diabetes.